AITH Exclusive: Nick Groff talks about the return of Paranormal Lockdown!

For awhile now friend to Arrow in the Head, Nick Groff, has been asked one question over and over. When will we in the states get to see the third season of Paranormal Lockdown - it has already aired in the UK. And finally, we have an answer. This fascinating series digs deeper into the paranormal, with Nick and Katrina Weidman spending 72 hours in a haunted location in hopes to uncover answers to what lies beyond. Thankfully, on December 4th, the series returns with several exciting locations to investigate, this includes a return to Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and a trip to Jim Bean’s Distillery.

Recently, I sat down with Nick to talk about the upcoming season. He opened up about the series return, and what an intense journey he has found himself on. During our chat, he expanded on what to expect from the upcoming season, as well as a few creepy details about his experiences. As a fan myself, I very much look forward to see what is to come. And speaking of new and exciting adventures, we talked about what fans can expect coming up from VIDI Space - a streaming network founded by Nick and Elizabeth Saint. As always, thanks to Nick for talking about what is to come. And get ready for Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 beginning on December 4th.

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Here we are with Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 finally hitting the U.S. Talk about this insane journey?

It has been crazy. Absolutely, crazy is the best word to use right now. It's been a long time coming for over a year. You know, I think everybody here in the United States has been waiting for Paranormal Lockdown to hit, and it's one of those things. Sometimes when networks get a hold on seasons and how things kind of fold and whatnot, behind the corporate doors, I think ultimately there's just a time restraint with us. You know, the people that put it together and investigate and put their heart and soul, passion, blood sweat and tears into each investigation and project that we tackle. 

So, I'm really excited to be honest with you, that now everyone in America will be able to see not only Season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown, which has been a long time coming, but also all of the episodes that we just filmed in the United Kingdom will be airing too. There will be 18 episodes all together for Paranormal Lockdown's new season coming out, premiering December 4th, and it will be from 9PM Eastern time to 10PM would be the first episode, and then from 10 to 11 would be the second episode. So, every Tuesday night starting December 4th there'll be two hours of Paranormal Lockdown, of 18 episodes, straight weeks. 18 episodes through these straight weeks and it's really exciting.

There must be a sigh of relief going on right now.

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I mean, I've been asking every day for the last year, "When's Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 coming out?" Sometimes with the corporate world there's a big merger that happens internally and you have no control over the stuff that I'm doing and whatnot but I love what I'm doing and I have a passion for it, so everything I do or put myself into it is 150%. So, I think that's why I'm excited because Season 3 was the most impactful Paranormal Lockdown or any investigation I've ever done in my life. 

I mean that because the experiments we set up, the groundbreaking evidence that we documented and also the locations we lived in for 72 hours was just physically and mentally challenging. I think I can sit back finally now and look at it in the comfort of my home and say, "Wow, that's a crazy accomplishment." Because I think sometimes I'm literally ... Every time I step into a location I feel like I'm disintegrating my body a little bit and crossing over to the other side. Now it just feels right. I think it's just about timing, you know? I think it's a perfect time for everybody to finally see it. It's a long time coming. So, it feels good to finally have it out there.

There's a lot of new exciting news coming that we've been working on - that I've specifically been working on that I'll announce more soon - but this is the first step. Paranormal Lockdown coming out December 4th. 18 episodes. It's going to be a wild ride and I think people are really going to be excited to see it.

You say this is probably the most impactful investigations you've ever had. Were there some specific stories that you can share? How impactful and what kind of evidence are we looking at?

Yeah. So, one of the most incredible locations in the history of just my career I think would be Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky. This location has rattled me since the first time I set foot in it back in 2008 and I did a return episode to Bobby Mackey's. Then at one point I swore I would never return. Then I did years later because I felt like I had to confront those fears that was really kind of over my head for a really long time, like this dark cloud just raining down on me, and I really wanted to put that to rest and step up. I was a little bit more mature in my life too in understanding with paranormal phenomenon, understanding outside the box of just what can push you to the breaking point. I was more in a positive place to go back to this location. 

So, I was nervous but I was excited at the same time to return to Bobby Mackey's, but not only just to investigate it for one night. You know, 'cause that's what I did in the past. It was just one night, and then when I left there was so much documented that it's like you can't just leave at that point. 

So, when I created Paranormal Lockdown I felt that living at the locations, confined to the property, being a part of the environment would give me more opportunities to document not only paranormal activity, but to understand exactly what these phenomenons are because we truly don't know. I think discovering new things in this world can only be groundbreaking as human beings. As well, passing away, you know, as time goes on.

I think collectively, it's an interesting way to put ourselves to the past mentally and physically, but to push ourselves to find new evidence. Not just the afterlife but things we truly don't understand, you know? Just like scientists exploring the world or the universe or beyond to try to understand what some of things are, like species or stuff that we've never seen before. Then when they find out what these things are they can label it as X, Y and Z. It's almost the same thing that I'm trying to do and I'm working really hard on it, discovering new things that we collectively as human beings can say, "Okay, that's what this is." You know? It's not just a ghost, but it's this phenomena. It's this thing that we don't fully understand. We're all speaking that question, "What happens when you die?" I think that's the ultimate question. We're all searching, but I think it's a starting point for us to kind of peel back the layers of these locations and look deep within them and see what exactly is happening here.

So, Bobby Mackey's is the core of that. It's the core of all those things through my past. So, living here at this location for 72 hours was just ... It was scary. It was scary, it was exciting. My adrenaline was high and low. My body was drained. I felt challenged every step of the way. The mentality was really wacky at the location, kind of confused you at times, but ultimately we did it. I'm here to tell the story still.

I confronted whatever was there, but the most important thing that I can walk away from that location with, is we documented some of the most incredible evidence I've ever seen. For eight minutes straight you're going to see this energy form, appear on camera for eight minutes.

That's impressive.

Yeah. It's just hovering and moving through the environment of where we're sleeping in this basement of Bobby Mackey's. It is crazy. Bobby has been a skeptic for many years owning the location, and when he saw this evidence at the end he said, "This makes me more of a believer." 'Cause finally ... I've heard the stories, I've been told this, I've been shown that, but this right here is what opens my mind up more to the possibilities of something happening here that I don't understand. So, I think that was a privilege to walk away, and I'm good friends with all of them over there, with Matt, the security guard who works at Bobby Mackey, with Bobby, with RJ, his wife. Everybody over at Bobby Mackey's is great people. Good location. Very mysterious. That's probably one of the most impactful locations. But not only that, we go to the Jim Beam Distillery in Claymont, Kentucky. We're the first ones ever to investigate the Jim Beam's Distillery to be broadcasted on TV. That was an awesome smell to wake up every day.

nick groff investigates paranormal lockdown katrina weidman elizabeth saint vidispace horror hauntings joblo.com arrow in the head aithDid you have a few drinks afterwards?

Oh, I did. Yeah, yeah. On our walkthrough I tasted from a ... I think it was an 11 year old barrel that was sitting there. 11 years. The barrel's just sitting there and they popped the cork on the barrel and they let the liquor fall out, and I took a sip of that and I was like, “Whoa." You know, and there's nothing like stuff like that on our journeys when you can sit back and enjoy life for a moment and understand really all these things about living, experiencing more or less than anything else, and I think that's the most incredible part of this ride. It's been crazy for a year and a half, from Season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown going to Jim Beam Distillery, to Bobby Mackey's Music World, to Wilder, Sanitarium in New York, to Old Sweet Springs Resort in West Virginia. Some amazing locations coming up. Not only that, but you're going to also see Paranormal Lockdown UK locations. I mean, we're talking 11th century locations even from skeletal remains of human bones that are underneath the staircase that they didn't know that predates this amazing location in England that I had the opportunity to live at and sleep really close to where the skeleton remains are.

That’s incredible.

We got some great evidence there. But one of the best locations too, I gotta say, was the Munro House. We do the return to the Munro House. I don't know if you remember, Jimmy, in Season 2 where we did the Munro House and we found the skeletal remains?

I do, yes.

In the foundation of the house. Well, we do a return episode and we called the police, we prompted investigation for the police to go down there. The coroner's office and all that stuff. And we met back up and I was just so confused in the situation 'cause we did everything by the book, legally, what we were supposed to do. I needed to go back. I didn't know what was going on with where it was at, what was happening. So, we went back and we actually broke grounds on some new information and people will see that very soon, what we discovered on our second trip back. It was crazy.

I'm telling you, we really pushed ourselves on this season of Paranormal Lockdown. We brought in Elizabeth Saint. She's an electrical engineer. Super smart. She helped our experiments. Building the experiments, working with different engineers in the community. Different scientists. Great people in the paranormal community. She helped kind of orchestrate the brains behind setting up some of these experiments that we worked with and some of these devices that she built, and collaborated on with other people. I've never felt more vulnerable in feeling like I was a human guinea pig put into a situation at extremely haunted locations. It definitely pushed me to that test on this season. 

For instance, I was in a sensory deprivation [tank] that we set up in the basement of the Munro House near where they discovered the skeletal remains, and I slept inside this sensory deprivation tent. And I don't know if you know what it is, but you actually have water with so much salt in it that it can hold my body weight so I'm just floating in water.

I found myself in complete darkness with all my senses taken away from me. So, I can't hear. I can't see. I'm just floating in water in the basement of the Munro House, because I wanted to have a spiritual out-of-body experience to connect further with the entity that we believe was haunting the location that we couldn't figure out was attached to these bones. These remains. So, I pushed myself and Elizabeth was a good part in that.

One of the things I'm curious about is going back to a place after investigating it. Are there fears that maybe you won't have the same effect? Does it create a lot of pressure for you in a way?

Yeah. I think going back, I knew I had to go back to the Monroe House. I was determined for a year straight trying every way possible to try to figure it out. We actually had a bunch of things analyzed and stuff, further, to prompt the investigation. It was just the right timing. So, I think more or less I pick locations at times because I feel like justice hasn't been done or something needs to be further investigated or maybe it's just ... I don't know. Maybe the locations and the spirits pick me.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

It's just my journey. Sometimes I look at the world in a weird way where you go down a path and then suddenly you go in some other direction in life, but there's a reason for everything. So, I'm a big believer in that, and energy draws in different ways. I just felt like the Monroe House, Bobby Mackey's Music World and several other different locations through my journey have been the reason for that.

Well, I know the fans are going to be happy to see you return. I know I am. But this isn't the only thing you got going on right now. You also have VIDI Space, which is doing rather well, isn't it?

Yes. Yeah. Excited for VIDI Space. Elizabeth Saint and myself are both co-founders. VIDI Space, if you haven't checked it out yet, it's www.VIDI.space. We created a whole universe where people can not only just watch something but also experience it. We're really excited about it because we're bringing all entertainment to the forefront, from paranormal to music to films, documentaries, different series. We have tons and tons of content up there now, so we're really excited for people to be a part of that. We have great deals going on right now too. On Black Friday coming up we actually have a really good discount and deal going on for yearly subscriptions and you can be a part of that. We also have premiere nights that you've been a part of Jimmy.

I have, yes.

Where everyone can come into the live chat and talk to each other, wherever you are in the world while you're watching a movie or a film or a series, or if it's live or not live. So, it's a really fun experience. We have a lot more stuff to announce for VIDI Space coming up too. So, I'm really excited for the future of what it's going to become.

nick groff paranormal lockdown katrina weidman elizabeth saint nick groff investigates horror hauntings aith arrow in the head joblo.comYeah, I am too. You're opening up. And you have a place for interesting filmmakers creating genre. Correct? Right?

Yes. Yeah, exactly. So, we have ... You can submit your content. We have a submission button on VIDI Space and if you're a filmmaker, just love the art, music, producer, anything that you feel is great enough to go live, we have a submission button where you can submit your content and you can write us and we will look at it and see if ... You know, we'll reach out if it's good enough to put on VIDI Space, but we love the arts. We love the independent filmmaker. That's what we stand for. We're kind of the opposite of the corporation world where it's a huge process for art. We love people that are passionate, that are amazing artists in all genres and walks of life. 

If you look at VIDI Space and when you search down the homepage, you can see all the blocks. Every single space. If it's the haunted space or the documentary space or the film space or the horror space or whatever genre it is ... We even have the adventure space, the rescue space. It goes on and on and it's pretty much every genre you can think of. No matter what it is, each space holds something different for everybody. I think that's the purpose of VIDI Space, is to bring everybody together and all walks of life around the world in our own little universe to collaborate and put their content out there and be a part of something bigger.

Yeah. No, it's a great ... The chats. I can tell you, yes, they are a blast. There's a lot of fun to be had there.

Yes. Yeah, I know, it's really fun. I have a great time putting up my GIF images. There's really funny GIF images. So, I have a fun time posting those. Yeah, everyone has a good time. It's great, you know, watching these horror films together where everyone's getting scared and then writing about it and going, "Oh, that person was stupid for falling down. Don't fall down right now." You know, the killer is after them or whatever in the film.

For sure.

It's really funny.

Well, honestly Nick, congratulations that we're finally, finally getting to see Paranormal Lockdown here in the states. I think people are going to be really happy about that. So, thank you for talking with us.

Yeah, thank you. I really appreciate everybody over there. Especially you Jimmy, you've been a great friend through the years and always promoting and helping and vice versa for Arrow in the Head and we love everything you guys do. I appreciate it. Hopefully I'll see you soon at the Queen Mary coming up.

Thanks again to Nick Groff for talking to us, and make sure you check out the upcoming season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown.

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