Exclusive: Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Jeremy Saulnier Talk Green Room!

What happens when a punk rock band is held captive by a bunch of psycho skinheads? Well, if you are talking about the new film GREEN ROOM, you'll find that it's a brutal assault on the senses. Director Jeremy Saulnier (BLUE RUIN) delivers a masterful suspense thriller. My heart is still pounding in my chest. With a great cast and a heavy dose of punk rock and violence, this is the kind of movie that will have you by the throat and rarely let up. And yes, Patrick Stewart is utterly chilling as a very dangerous man.

Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Saulnier, Stewart and the film's lead, Anton Yelchin. Saulnier talked about growing up in the punk scene and bringing that to life. Stewart talked about taking on a more layered villain courtesy of a great script - also by Saulnier. And finally, Yelchin talked music and playing bass in a punk rock band. And all of this took place at the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood! Go see GREEN ROOM on the big screen this weekend if you can find it! It is a suspenseful, thrilling flick that needs to be played loud!

Source: AITH

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