Frankenstein, starring Daniel Radcliffe, gets a 9 month push by Fox

Well, this sucks. Fox's upcoming retelling of Mary Shelley's masterpiece just took a pretty big hit as the studio opted to push FRANKENSTEIN's release date from the originally planned January 16th of next year all the way to October 2nd, 2015. Why the nine month push? We're not really sure but it could be as simple as distancing itself from any sort of competition as the Paul McGuigan-directed FRANKENSTEIN is the only film to be penciled in for that weekend.

On the bright side, however, is now we're going to have one hell of a month of October in 2015 as both Guillermo del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK and THE CONJURING 2 will be released that month as well. Not too shabby!

Daniel Radcliffe will star alongside the previously announced Adam Scott, Jessica Brown Findlay and James McAvoy who will take on the title role of Dr. Frankenstein. It was written by CHRONICLE scribe Max Landis who took the classic Marry Shelley novella and gave it a new spin as it will tell the story from Igor's point of view.

Jessica Brown Findlay stars in FRANKENSTEIN

Extra Tidbit: Are you disappointed to see FRANKENSTEIN get pushed 9 months?



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