Is the new Friday the 13th film being shot in 3D?

Yesterday's big Paramount Pictures news included PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 (supposedly) being pushed back to 2016, as well as the confirmation that HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS 2 is definitely happening. Lost in the shuffle was this little nugget:

That marked the end of the clips and showreels before the screening of Transformers, with Ryan first listing a host of upcoming big-budget projects planned for the remainder of 2015, including Terminator: Genesis, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the robot assassin; Friday the 13th in 3D; and Mission Impossible 5, directed by Chris McQuarrie and starring Tom Cruise.

See it, right there?! FRIDAY THE 13th in 3D. Maybe it'll be a remake of FRIDAY THE 13th Part 3! (Will "Shelly" be rebooted?)

Obviously, this project has given us practically zero to hang our hats on; we don't even know if the rumored director - David Bruckner - is actually the man at the helm. All we do know is that it's not coming out until November 13, 2015, and Platinum Dunes is producing.

Previous rumors have suggested the film will be shot found footage-style. With 3D now in the mix, we must start wondering if our brains will be able to cope with both found footage and 3D. I wouldn't put anything past Michael Bay and the boys, but I suppose we should take a deep breath and see what materializes.

Extra Tidbit: How would you feel about a 3D F13 movie?
Source: THR



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