Michael Myers heads to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood!

One of the earliest signs of Halloween's impending arrival is the kickoff of Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, which begins on September 18th in Hollywood and Orlando. (Of course, some of us Halloween-heads start celebrating even earlier.) This year, the Hollywood location has a very special guest in tow for the lucky thrill-seekers in attendance: Michael Myers!

The maze, which makes its first appearance since 2009, is titled Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home, and "guests will have the sensation of stepping through the silver screen directly into unsettling and shocking film scenes as they navigate their way through Haddonfield, adorned in classic Halloween décor on a similar Halloween night in 1963. Myers' abandoned family home and its blood-splattered walls, where the violent murder took place, will set the stage for a new crime scene as guests attempt to evade the relentless killer–armed with his signature bloodstained knife."

Check out a teaser for the event below!


Extra Tidbit: Are you headed to Halloween Horror Nights?
Source: HHH



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