Teaser for Aaron Burns' Madre warns that terror is inside your house

Madre Aaron Burns

As an actor, Aaron Burns was on the receiving end of some horrific things in the Eli Roth films THE GREEN INFERNO and KNOCK KNOCK, and now he's ready to dole out some horror of his own. Burns has directed the psychological thriller MADRE, which recently premiered at the SXSW Film Conference. Before the SXSW audience even saw the movie, Netflix had picked up the global streaming rights.

Burns also wrote MADRE, which stars Daniela Ramirez, Cristobal Tapia Montt, Aida Jabolin, Matias Bassi, Ignacia Allamand, and Nicolás Durán. The synopsis: 

Diana Prieto is pregnant and taking care of her first child, Martin who has a child development problem, has become overwhelming. She has no one to help her while her husband Tomas spends months working in Asia. Diana’s at her breaking point with Martin when Luz, a gifted caregiver from the Philippines, steps in to help.

Martin quickly begins improving under Luz’s supervision, but Diana’s worried that he’s only being taught to speak Filipino. Diana begins to suspect that Luz is using the language barrier and voodoo to turn Martin against Diana and into something far more sinister...

That sounds like the set-up for some creepy slow-burn horror, and the film's teaser, which can be seen below, gives the impression that creepy slow-burn horror is exactly what MADRE will be delivering. If you have a phobia about bugs and/or ears, the teaser will be especially effective for you.

The first screening of MADRE at SXSW was held this past Saturday, and there are more screenings coming up later today as well as on Wednesday the 15th and Friday the 17th.

If you're not able to catch MADRE there, watch for it on the Netflix streaming service, where it will be available for viewing by the end of the year.

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