VIDEO INTERVIEW: Badass Billy Burke of Drive Angry 3D!

Billy Burke is all sorts of wicked in DRIVE ANGRY (READ ARROW'S REVIEW HERE). His satanic cult leader, Jonah King, is a mix of raw sexual energy and just pure viciousness. And on top of that, this talented actor knows enough to inject the right amount of humor into his role.  Not only is Mr. Burke a talented actor, he is also a very talented musician. Not surprisingly, his music has a dark edge to it.

Unlike his protective dad role in the TWILIGHT SAGA, he is now given a chance to explore his darker side within his music and this thrilling feature film.  When we spoke to him at the junket for Drive Angry, he talked the creation of Jonah, The Satanic Bible and the deviancy behind his character. Billy is an incredibly talented actor/musician and it is fantastic to see him go to his sinister place, and yes, he does it extremely well. 

This weekend, if you are looking for naked chicks, blood, cars and ultra violence, you will get an eyeful in 3D if you check out Drive Angry!

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