Inside Out 2 nears $100 million on its second weekend

Inside Out 2 is on track for the biggest second weekend ever for an animated film, with the total hovering around $100 million.

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 continues dominating the box office in its second weekend, with Deadline reporting that the movie is looking at a $98 million weekend – some say it could even break $100 million. This would make it the highest grossing second weekend for an animated film of all time, after The Super Mario Bros Movie’s $92 million second weekend last year. Certainly, the animated sequel is shaping up to be one of Pixar’s biggest hits ever, which is quite the coup for a studio that everyone thought was on the downslide just a few months ago after a series of underperformers like Lightyear, Elemental, and more.

Meanwhile, Bad Boys: Ride or Die is holding on to second place with an $18 million-plus third weekend. The movie is turning out to be a major moneymaker for Sony, with it looking to end as the second-highest-grossing Bad Boys movie of all time, just below Bad Boys For Life’s $200 million-plus total.

As we predicted earlier this week, The Bikeriders is cruising into third place, with it looking at a weekend that will come in just below $10 million, which is a good result for Jeff Nichols’s really excellent, star-studded biker pic. Hopefully, this Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy flick will become a word-of-mouth hit, as we need more movies like this. Already, though, it’s shaping up to be their biggest opening weekend since My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 in September. 

Lower on the chart is the Russell Crowe horror flick, The Exorcism, which is set to make around $2 million for a seventh-place finish. The movie’s been slapped with a truly terrifying D CinemaScore, likely because Vertical is selling it as a demonic possession movie when it’s actually a movie about addiction. Audiences hate that kind of bait-and-switch

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