Interview: Casper Van Dien and Alice Lucy talk Mad Heidi

Mad Heidi star’s Casper Van Dien and Alice Lucy tell us all about the Grindhouse film which offers more than you may expect.

If the trailer for Mad Heidi doesn’t get your blood pumping for some fun Grindhouse cinema then I don’t know what will. Mad Heidi comes to us in a hail of gunfire and explosions for just One Night Only via Fathom Events. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with Mad Heidi herself Alice Lucy as well as the main antagonist of the film played by Casper Van Dien. This was one of the most fun interviews of my career as they clearly loved the project and the end result. From finding out that all of the officer badges had the names of famous directors to discovering that Casper is lactose intolerant (a massive crime in the film), there are lots of fun revelations here. And you can never go wrong with Casper calling you out for seeing him naked. Check out the fun interview embedded below.

Mad Heidi Synopsis: In a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of an evil cheese tyrant (Van Dien), Heidi (Lucy) lives a pure and simple life in the Swiss Alps. Grandfather Alpöhi (Schofield) does his best to protect Heidi, but her desire for freedom soon lands her in trouble with the dictator’s henchmen. When pushed too far the innocent Heidi transforms into a kick-ass warrior who sets out to liberate her country from the heinous cheese fascists.


Source: JoBlo

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