Interviews: Josh Duhamel, Cheech Marin, and more discuss Shotgun Wedding

The cast of Shotgun Wedding, including Josh Duhamel, D’Arcy Carden, Cheech Marin and more, discuss their Prime Video action rom-com.

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

Shotgun Wedding, the new Prime Video romantic comedy, is not just another bland rom-com. Before you call out the fact that the leads are Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, two actors well known for their work in various romantic comedies, this movie is different. Rated R for profanity and lots of violence, Shotgun Wedding tells the familiar elements of a rom-com but wrapped up in an explosive action movie full of pirates, helicopters, explosions, and chases. Set in the beautiful Phillippines, this movie does not play by the formula you expect.

I got the chance to chat with the cast of Shotgun Wedding, including star Josh Duhamel and cast members D’Arcy Carden, Cheech Marin, Callie Hernandez, and Steve Coulter. Josh talked about the intensity of the action sequences, while D’Arcy discussed her unique role-playing the wife of Cheech Marin’s character. Cheech, a comedy legend, talked about the fun the cast had working together in a tropical paradise. Steve Coulter and Callie Hernandez both talked about the challenge of shooting for over two weeks standing in a swimming pool. I also asked the cast to pick the better singer out of the cast is: Jennifer Lopez or Lenny Kravitz. Check out the full interviews in the embed above to find out their pick!

Shotgun Wedding premieres on Prime Video on January 27th.


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