Batman and Robin: James Gunn says there’s no reason to get excited about him reading Grant Morrison’s iconic storyline

Stop the presses! Like you or I, James Gunn likes to read! Imagine a world where someone can leave a pile of books atop their coffee table without the internet taking it as a sign of things to come. Look, it’s the day before New Year’s Eve, and this is entertaining. Join me as I mine one of Gunn’s recent tweets to report on a thing that isn’t happening. Recently, someone spotted three volumes of Grant Morrison’s iconic Batman and Robin comic book series atop Gunn’s coffee table. Naturally, people started thinking the books could be source material for an upcoming project from DC Films. It’s not an impossible leap, but Gunn says it’s not happening.

After a Twitter user brought the books to the internet’s attention, Gunn responded by saying there was no mystery to solve about the books. Gunn is a human being with human eyes and human interests. Like droves of fans, Gunn loves Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin series. Morrison’s story, with writers Paul Cornell, Peter Tomasi, Judd Winnick, and David Hines, and artists Frank Quitely, Phillip Tan, Cameron Stewart, AndyClarke, Frazer Irving, Scott McDaniel, Patrick Gleason, and Guillem March, is considered to be one of the greatest Bat-family stories of all time. The story explores the complicated partnership between Bruce Wayne’s Batman and Damian Wayne’s Robin. The events of Batman and Robin helped launch Batman Incorporated, which gives us the gift of Bat-Cow, a rad cow Damian rescues from a slaughterhouse. If you don’t know about Bat-Cow, you better ask somebody.

While Gunn says there are no plans to adapt Morrison’s Batman and Robin, there’s always the chance that themes and characters from the run could appear in future DC Films projects. DC Films is hard at work making plans for the future, and brushing up on some of the most iconic runs of flagship characters is a great way to get inspired. James, if you’re reading this, enjoy your reading time! People are incredibly excited about what you’re cooking up, but good things come to those who wait.

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Source: Twitter

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