Jason Momoa shares his reaction to Dune: Part Two and his love of Denis Villeneuve

While Momoa is currently filming the Minecraft movie, he speaks with THR about his new dream job and his favorite director’s new film.

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Jason Momoa may not be seen in the new entry in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune series, but the Aquaman star has taken the time to talk with The Hollywood Reporter on a number of new projects, including directing a Guinness commercial and filming the upcoming Minecraft movie. In the interview, Momoa professed how much of a dream it is for him to helm a commercial for the Guinness brand. While not his first time behind the camera, he would express, “What I love about being a director is that everything up on that picture, I’m going to be judged for. […] When you’re a director, I get to choose everything, everything in the frame, what people are wearing, who’s acting, everything is what I want.”

While speaking with THR, he also glows about the new Dune as well as his experience with Denis Villeneuve. When asked if he was able to see Dune: Part Two, Momoa stated, “F*ck yeah, I saw it, bro. I saw it a couple of times. I saw it a long time ago and then I saw it again before it came out. I love that movie. They killed it. God, I’m so proud. Speaking of being proud, Denis Villeneuve is my favorite director in the fucking world. Him and Julian Schnabel are my favorite. They’re the ones who signed my DGA card when I became a member of the Directors Guild of America. It was a massive honor. “

Momoa continues, “But Denis, I’m so proud of him. I worked with producer Cale Boyter [on Dune], and we started hanging out and he said, ‘Dude, I got to put you in a comedy.’ Fucking sure enough, I got Minecraft with Jack Black, and Cale is producing this one. I built a really good family of friends on Dune. Timmy just texted me the other day. Javier’s amazing. Josh Brolin is my older brother. I’m just so happy for everyone. That’s the cool thing. You build these relationships and then they just go out and they fucking kill it, man. Excited to see what the future holds and it’s beautiful. It’s a masterpiece, man.”

Source: THR

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