JoBlo Videos surpasses 500k YouTube subscribers!

Last Updated on July 5, 2024

In another milestone, our official JoBlo Videos YouTube Channel, which features all of our original content (created by us, for you!), has officially passed 500,000 subscribers, with 157.8 million views and a cumulative 16.6 million hours of watch time! It’s a good reason to be proud, especially considering that we’re still an independent company, something which is pretty rare these days with much of the competition being owned by large companies that can pump big bucks into their shows. JoBlo has always been a site operated by fans, for fans so it's gratifying to see that so many of you have remained loyal viewers over the years. 

Of course, a channel is only as good as its programming, so check out some of our latest embedded episodes of our biggest series, including the various iterations of our flagship “WTF HAPPENED…” series below! Other popular series include GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, AWFULLY GOOD MOVIES, JAMES BOND REVISITED, BEST MOVIE YOU NEVER SAW and others. And – if you like our channel make sure to subscribe to our sister JoBlo Horror Videos Channel which features horror-centric spin-offs of many of our best shows. Thanks for your continued support!

Source: JoBlo Videos

About the Author

Chris Bumbray began his career with JoBlo as the resident film critic (and James Bond expert) way back in 2007, and he has stuck around ever since, being named editor-in-chief in 2021. A voting member of the CCA and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic, you can also catch Chris discussing pop culture regularly on CTV News Channel.