John Malkovich pontificates in this new trailer for HBO’s The New Pope

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Nearly four years ago the HBO television series The Young Pope starring Jude Law splashed its way onto the scene like electrified holy water and was a winner with critics and audiences alike. The television series starred Jude Law as Bishop Lenny Belardo, AKA Pope Pius XIII, the first American Pope. However, the season finale of The Young Pope left the future of Lenny very much in doubt as he collapses in Venice after giving a sermon on Christmas Eve.

Enter The New Pope, a nine episode follow-up miniseries to the successful HBO show. The new Pope in question will be portrayed by none other than Oscar nominee John Malkovich (VELVET BUZZSAW) and it appears as though the actor, who plays fictional Pope John Paul III, is chewing a ton of communion wafers -er scenery – in this newest trailer. Malkovich's Pope appears to revel in his new position drawing attention to himself through the media and copious amounts of cologne. However, it also appears as if Lenny might be throwing a monkey wrench in John Paul III's plans as he wakes up at the end of the trailer. Could murder be afoot? Time will tell.

HBO's The New Pope starring John Malkovich, Jude Law, Sharon Stone, and Marilyn Manson takes its place at the altar in January 2020.

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