John Travolta plays famous gangster in new trailer for crime biopic Gotti

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

So another day, another rise-and-fall biopic about a crime boss. This one follows famous mob boss John Gotti, played by a perpetually scowling John Travolta. And it looks…okay. The acting seems solid, it looks like a movie, and even has some stylish shots. But ultimately, is that enough to bring it above the countless other films of its ilk?

Anyway, here’s the official synopsis:

GOTTI follows infamous crime boss John Gotti’s (John Travolta) rise to become the “Teflon Don” of the Gambino Crime Family in New York City. Spanning three decades and recounted by his son John Jr. (Spencer Lofranco), GOTTI examines Gotti’s tumultuous life as he and his wife (Kelly Preston) attempt to hold the family together amongst tragedy and multiple prison sentences.

Again, sounds pretty emblematic of the genre, so the question is of course what does it add to the table? Honestly, even if it’s just competent it will rise up among most films in this genre. And, hell, maybe I’m even wrong and this will be great and finally net Travolta an Oscar win. Who knows?

Meanwhile GOTTI will take a hit on theaters December 15th.

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