John Wick’s Chad Stahelski would be down to direct Marvel’s Blade reboot

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Of all the previously announced projects coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the one I'm the most interested in is the BLADE reboot, which will find Mahershala Ali (True Detective) staring as the titular vampire hunter. We haven't heard all that much about the project since it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con last year, but one director has thrown his hat into the ring to direct the film.

While speaking with, JOHN WICK director Chad Stahelski expressed an interest in helming the BLADE reboot.

If the opportunity ever came, I would like to take a stab at…the one that really jumps out to me would be like Blade. If they were going to redo Blade or something like that, just because I feel that one, for some reason, the vampire martial art action vibe. That would be a cool one to stretch and try and reinvent.

I'd definitely be down for that, and I'm sure more than a few of you would be as well. Stahelski`added that he's not a gigantic superhero guy, but that he does enjoy the movies. "I love the Avengers. I loved Captain America. I like James Gunn's take on Guardians," Stahelski said. "I really dig him as a director and what he's done with that. Ragnarok, I felt was really funny. I thought that was clever. I've come around."

While Chad Stahelski's JOHN WICK co-director David Leitch has branched out to helm a variety of films, including ATOMIC BLONDE and HOBBS & SHAW, Stahelski has stuck with the JOHN WICK universe. It's likely he'll remain attached for the foreseeable future as Lionsgate announced that JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 and JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 5 are expected to be shot back-to-back early next year. The director has also been slated to direct a reboot of HIGHLANDER for quite some time, and he previously admitted that the project has been a "tough nut to crack because the Highlander property is so involved and the mythology is so deep." Stahelski and his team have endeavored to make the project their own yet remain somewhat true to the original. "We don’t want to do a remake," Stahelski said. "We don’t want to do a reinvention. We want to do something that’s fresh, that utilizes the mythology of what everyone loves from the first movie. To make a good film is hard, to make a great film is even harder." Getting back to BLADE, would you like to see Chad Stahelski take the helm?


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