Keen! Amazon’s live-action The Tick gets a much-needed costume revamp

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

THE TICK was required Saturday morning viewing in my youth, back when Saturday Mornings were a thing. It was basically this and MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 for me. I even loved the original (unfortunately short-lived) live-action version with Patrick Warburton as the eponymous superhero. So it's awesome to see Tick back in action, with Amazon Studios giving the new iteration (with Peter Serafinowicz now donning the blue, antennaed suit) a full series order.

This also means the iconic suit has been given a much needed upgrade. Here's Serafinowicz, posing in all his blue, majestic glory:

I like it! It seems to be harkening back to the aforementioned Warburton suit (except this time with a legit cowl), which is nice because – other than the lack of a proper mask – it was a legit design. I do kind of miss the more textured design of the suit in the Amazon pilot (as it seemed to be a direct parody of the overly-textured superhero suits in modern comic-book adaptations), but if they're going for more of a contrast with other super-characters on the show, this could work to more comedic effect. Especially if they do indeed go the route the pilot seems to be teasing, which is dropping the cartoony Tick in the middle of a more serious, grounded Netflix-style superhero show.

Either way, THE TICK will begin streaming on Amazon Prime later this year.

Source: Amazon Studios

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