Interviews: The Letterkenny cast reflects on the end of the beloved Canadian sitcom after 12 hilarious seasons

Pitter patter! We interview the Letterkenny cast about the twelfth and final season of the beloved Canadian sitcom!

Last Updated on January 12, 2024

How are you now? It’s the end of an era for the cast of Letterkenny, a beloved Canadian sitcom focusing on the hicks, skids, hockey players, and degens of rural Ontario. Created by Jared Keeso and developed by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, Letterkenny might as well be required viewing for Canadian citizens. For 12 seasons, the cast of Letterkenny have fast-talked their way through an astonishing amount of social commentary, rolled up their sleeves for epic scraps, and delivered many of the best hockey chirps you’ll ever hear. The show is populated by unforgettable characters who, throughout the series, form unlikely friendships with locals who push the boundaries of what it means to be part of a community.

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Letterkenny cast members about the final season of the beloved sitcom, including Dylan Playfair (Reilly), Michelle Mylett (Katy), K. Trevor Wilson (Squirrelly Dan), Andrew Her (Jonesy), and Tyler Johnston (Stewart). During our time together, the cast reflects on the end of the series, recalls behind-the-scenes antics, and talks in-depth about their characters and what the show has meant to them.

Would you like to know how the cast prepares to recite their lengthy and intricate dialogue? What iconic lines from the show do strangers shout at them in public? What about the epic series finale and unbreakable bonds forged between unlikely friends? We even dive into Dylan and Michelle’s high school experience and discuss what social groups they were a part of.

As an immigrant to Canada and Letterkenny fan since I stepped onto Ontario soil, it was an honor to speak with these incredible actors about the final episodes of a show that’s meant so much to the Great White North and fans worldwide. Few shows have captured the community and comedy of Ontario like Letterkenny, and it warms my heart to know the series is going out on a high note rather than fading away. We hope you enjoy these entertaining interviews with several of the outstanding players of Letterkenny. Crack open a Puppers, leave your chorin’ behind, and pitter patter, my friends.

Pitter patter! We interview the Letterkenny cast about the twelfth and final season of the beloved Canadian sitcom!

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