Top 10 Funniest Movie Punches of All Time (Video Edition)

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Everyone loves a good punch. But, if you take all of the dramatic and sports-related punches in movies, this would be one hell of a list. So, removing everything but the funniest punches gives us quite a funny list comprising jabs, uppercuts, and suckerpunches that all hit above the belt and directly in the funny bone. Every one of these slugs should bring a smile to your face, intentionally or otherwise. If your favorite hit didn’t make the list, feel free to add it to the talk backs below.


While this one may be unintentionally hilarious, it is still f*cking hilarious. In context, it makes no sense. Out of context, it is Nicolas Cage’s resume for the 21st century captured in just a couple of minutes. While the remake of THE WICKER MAN is a gigantic dump on the legacy of the original, this moment (and the bees) are stupid classics.


The price is wrong, bitch. Instant classic. Maybe it is because it is the old as hell Bob Barker kicking Adam Sandler’s ass or just the choreography of it, but kudos to all involved for delivering a totally random moment no one would have ever seen coming. And, it holds up on repeat viewings.


This one is great just for the sheer randomness of it. As the superhero squad comes together as a cohesive unit, this moment between two of the strongest members of The Avengers is light-hearted and something straight out of a comic book. Perfectly timed and placed, this is a hilariously quick moment.


Another Zach Galifianakis movie, but this time he is the one getting knocked the f*ck out by none other than Mike Tyson himself. Tyson’s cameos in the trilogy were always worth seeing, but this brutal punch looked painful even by movie standards.


When I first saw the trailer for THE CAMPAIGN, I was sold purely on the teased moment where Will Ferrell’s character punches a baby in the face. The full scene lives up to the tease, but it is the running nature of the gag through Jay Roach’s movie that kept me rolling through this mediocre movie.


This scene is always quoted for Steve Martin’s great tirade of insults against the dispatcher at the airport. But, it is the punch in the face followed by Martin’s classic reaction that sells this.


I love this scene. I mean, I love every scene in DUMB AND DUMBER, but whenever the phone booth scene begins, I stop whatever I may be doing to watch Mike Starr knock Fred Stoller out through a pane of glass. Perfect every time.


If you had to encounter someone as annoying as Ned Ryerson every day for an eternity, you would likely snap too. But, there is something priceless about the moment that Bill Murray just stops and knocks the insurance salesman out. BING! Am I right or am I right or am I right? Right? Right.


The great John Candy was never better than in John Hughes’ classic UNCLE BUCK. Here, he plays the uncle everyone wishes they never had who turns out to be the best person in the family. Here, he defends his family from an inebriated clown. The deflated nose is the cherry on top of this scene.


You gotta love McLovin’. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was perfectly suited for the fake ID-toting teen and avoided getting typecast as the nerd, but it will be his debut that he will forever be associated with. The moment he gets slugged off camera is one of the funniest moments in the film.


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