Loki’s Sophia Di Martino talks Sylvie’s future in the MCU

While the God of Mischief has become the God of Time, other Loki variants present opportunities for spin-offs and Di Martino outlines what she’d like to see.

Loki Sophia Di Martino

Loki season 2 ended with a somber but noble end for the God of Mischief. As the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has shown, we have not seen the last of the TVA in the Marvel universe. While that does not necessarily imply a specific return of Loki himself, we may still get more from other characters from the Disney+ series. Recently, it was addressed that Marvel Studios is doing a lot of retooling to reach glory status again. However, their focus seems to have moved from newly established characters like Shang-Chi, but that film’s star, Simu Liu, assures fans that he will make a return.

Another character that’s currently up in the air is Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie from both seasons of Loki. Di Martino recently told ScreenRant what she hopes will be next for her character after season 2, “I think, at this point, if anything comes back to threaten free will in general, I feel like Sylvie will be there to fight the good fight. It kind of depends where the story goes, where the bigger picture goes. No one knows, but Kevin Feige!” When it comes to her character in the larger aspect of the multiverse, Di Martino stated, “Yeah, I mean, she could go anywhere. Again, the possibilities are limitless. That’s what’s so exciting about it. You just never know.” As to whether she thinks Sylvie will see Loki again, she responded, “I feel like the two are definitely connected, so that’s always going to be the case. I mean, it would be weird if they never saw each other again, right?”

While there isn’t news yet about a season 3, Loki executive producer Kevin R. Wright stated, “I would love to keep telling TVA stories. Internally, people pitch everything, and I’m actively like, ‘I want to do more TVA!’ It will just end up being about where it makes sense for them to come in, in the future, but we all look at that corner of the MCU and go, ‘God, we’re just scratching the surface.’” Meanwhile, Di Martino was also asked how she felt about season 3 shifting focus to Sylvie and her own encounters with variants and she responded, “That will be really fun, yeah, I’d love that. Loki season 3 could focus on Sylvie not only trying to find her place in the world, but encountering other variants of herself.”

Source: ScreenRant

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