Mark Millar says Joe Carnahan’s Nemesis will be one of the best movies of the decade

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Prolific comic book writer Mark Millar is apparently "shell-shocked" after reading the latest draft of Joe and Matthew Carnahan's script for NEMESIS, an adaptation of Millar and artist Steve McNiven's comic series of the same name. The author took to his blog to praise the script, saying it's "one of the most relentless and powerful screenplays" he's ever read. For those not aware of who or what NEMESIS is, Millar reiterates in the blog, saying:

"Nemesis is about America's worst nightmare in the form of a costumed billionaire attacking a city and doing everything he can to tear it down. The high concept, it's been said, is if Batman was The Joker and that's quite a fun way of looking at it."

Millar went on to discuss the the "antagonist" in NEMESIS, who obviously plays a large role in the story:

The cop who goes up against him, the Blake Morrow character in the book, is going to be a movie icon after this picture. I don't know who's going to be playing him at this stage, but I know that after reading the script everyone is going to WANT to.

It's been rumored in the past that Morrow could potentially be played by THE GREY's Liam Neeson, but there's nothing set in stone as of yet. Millar may be a little biased here, as the material is based on his own work, but I think that the concept and the story have a lot of big-screen potential and it's sure to ruffle some feathers when it debuts. It's certainly not "safe" comic book material. Having read the comic and as a fan of all parties involved, from Millar and McNiven to the Carnahan bros. I think this could be really great. At one point the late Tony Scott was involved to some extent with NEMESIS and having Joe Carnahan pick up the reins is really the perfect choice. Millar certainly has faith, saying, "This is my new favourite movie and it's still a year or two away from anyone even seeing it."

I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. Carnahan has teased quite a few projects that didn't come to fruition, the latest of which was his DEATH WISH remake, so you have to tread lightly when getting your hopes up. He's currently working on STRETCH with Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, and Ed Helms, which is slated for release on March 21, 2014. Hopefully, NEMESIS will be next in the queue.

Source: Millarworld

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