Michael Keaton gives Beetlejuice 2 an early rave

The Ghost with the Most, Michael Keaton, has seen an early cut of this year’s Beetlejuice sequel, calling it “beautiful.”

Beetlejuice sequel

The journey to get a Beetlejuice sequel has been a long one. But like stepping onto Saturn, time has flown since filming wrapped earlier this year, and since then, those anticipating Beetlejuice Beetlejuice have been treated to news about minimal CGI, teases about new characters and what stands as the best poster of the year so far. Now, Michael Keaton is giving even more hype, saying “this thing is great.”

Speaking on The Jess Cagle Show, Michael Keaton said he has seen a cut of this summer’s Beetlejuice sequel and it is everything he had hoped for. “It is really good. And beautiful. Beautiful, you know, physically. You know what I mean? The other one was so fun and exciting visually. It’s all that, but really kind of beautiful and interestingly emotional here and there. I wasn’t ready for that, you know. Yeah, it’s great.” He went on the praise both returning and new cast members, adding, “It’s great and the cast, I mean, Catherine [O’Hara], if you thought she was funny last time, double it. She’s so funny and Justin Theroux is like, I mean, come on.” O’Hara of course returns as Delia Deetz, while Theroux signed on last spring. Other newcomers in the cast include Jenna Ortega as Lydia’s daughter, Monica Bellucci has Betelgeuse’s wife and Willem Dafoe as a dead B movie actor.

Keaton would go on to say how excited he is to check out another cut of the Beetlejuice sequel once it’s complete. “It’s just so fun and I’ve seen it now, I’m gonna see it again after a couple little tweaks in the editing room and I confidently say this thing is great.Keaton has been all in on Beetlejuice Beetlejuice since it got the greenlight, which no doubt amps up excitement for many of us. Showtime for the sequel is September 6th.

The journey from the original Beetlejuice to its sequel more than 35 years later is a long one that we couldn’t possibly get into here. But might we suggest you say aloha to our episode of  “WTF Happened to This Movie?!”, which not only hits on Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian but the production of the original movie.

How excited are you for the sequel to Beetlejuice? Let us know below!

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