Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield take your house in the 99 Homes trailer

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

There was a significant amount of backlash when we revealed yesterday that Clint Eastwood would be adapting the story of the Miracle on the Hudson as a film. Many comments said not every true story should be made into a movie. You could make the case about the housing market collapse not being movie worthy either, but once you see the trailer for 99 HOMES.

Our very own Chris Bumbray gave the film a stellar review and now we can see the reason why. Taking the economic collapse that plagued millions of Americans and turning it into a thriller could not have been an easy task, but when you get Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield to star, most of your work is already done. This trailer shows Garfield as a down on his luck single dad who takes up with the real estate agent who took his home to foreclose on others. The resulting drama simply looks stunning.

I have been a big Michael Shannon fan for years and this looks like another great role dramatic role for him along the lines of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and TAKE SHELTER. Andrew Garfield will also be getting back to his pre-AMAZING SPIDER-MAN acting roots. I hope this movie gets recognition as we get closer to award season, too.

99 HOMES hits theaters September 25, 2015.

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