Michelle Williams gets dirty on the dusty trail in the trailer for Meek’s Cutoff

Last Updated on October 24, 2023

It’s safe to say that the Western genre is going strong at the moment, and while they’re not all revenge stories or lawmen tracking outlaws, you can always count on some memorable characters.

MEEK’S CUTOFF stars Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, but it’s Bruce Greenwood as the crusty frontiersman who will likely be remembered, assuming people can find him behind that beard. The story of slowly paced struggles on the open plains also features Paul Dano and Will Patton.

Synopsis: The year is 1845, the earliest days of the Oregon Trail, and a wagon team of three families has hired the mountain man Stephen Meek to guide them over the Cascade Mountains. Claiming to know a short cut, Meek leads the group on an unmarked path across the high plain desert, only to become lost in the dry rock and sage. Over the coming days, the emigrants must face the scourges of hunger, thirst and their own lack of faith in each other’s instincts for survival. When a Native American wanderer crosses their path, the emigrants are torn between their trust in a guide who has proven himself unreliable and a man who has always been seen as the natural enemy.

Check out the trailer below or in HD at Apple.

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