Michelle Yeoh responds to Brothers Sun cancellation; Did Netflix give it a chance?

Although the new Netflix series received a bevy of praise from audience and critics alike, the show will not continue and the show’s stars react.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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The Brothers Sun premiered on Netflix on January 4 and just a few days ago, the show was revealed to be cancelled after one season by the streaming giant. The show offered a darkly comedic unraveling of a secret turf war between crime factions experienced through a naive son in one of the families. The series received a fresh critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well as a high viewer score. In the review from our own Alex Maidy, he said, The Brothers Sun could be the first solid binge of 2024. With a good amount of action, a great amount of heart, and characters worth investing in, this series manages to blend elements of the series Netflix has been importing for years with an original story rooted in Hollywood storytelling.”

All the praise was not enough for Netflix to continue with the show and the star, Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh, recently took to Instagram for her reaction to the news of the cancellation. According to Variety, She posted pictures featuring the cast and crew with the caption, “Heartbroken… and finding it so hard to understand why… however, I am so very proud of My ‘Brothers Sun’ family and what we presented to the world. heads held high.”

One of the show’s stars, Justin Chien, who plays Yeoh’s son Charles, would also respond to the news by being grateful for the experience and thanking those who have shown support. He posted on his Instagram, “Thank you for riding with us on this labor of love. It will take some time to digest this news, but I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and support for the show. Thank you for every post, tweet, edit, interaction, etc. It fills me with so much joy knowing that the show resonated with so many people. Your love made all of our collective work, sacrifices, and heartache, worth it.” Additionally, Chien gave thanks to the Brothers Sun team for “giving their blood, sweat, and tears to make the best show possible” and would show gratitude to the Netflix executives for “giving our story a platform and giving me the opportunity to play a dream role.”

Chien would close out his post, saying, “Thank you all for your love. Without you, this wouldn’t mean nearly as much as it does. I gave everything I had to this show, and I can’t wait to do the same in the next project, whatever, whenever it may be — I promise I will give it my all. Love, Chairleg.”

Source: Variety

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