More mysteries to solve! Netflix sets return date for Unsolved Mysteries

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Netflix is giving us a new set of mysteries that need to be solved. After a very successful launch of the rebooted Unsolved Mysteries, the streamer has announced when the second batch of episodes will be released on the platform.

The streamer has set an October 19, 2020, launch date for the remaining six episodes of Unsolved Mysteries' first season. The initial half-dozen episodes of the rebooted series premiered on July 1, 2020, on Netflix. The new Unsolved Mysteries proved to be so popular on Netflix that astute viewers began sending credible tips to the series creators that were viable enough to be sent to the FBI. The show has led to the reexamination of a few of the cases featured on the series which is very similar to the impact of the original series. You can check out the official Netflix announcement on the new episodes from their Twitter page below. Keep in mind, the mystery of the date is hidden within the image.

The original Unsolved Mysteries was hosted by the late Robert Stack for the series' first 13 seasons, which aired from 1988-97 on NBC, 1997-99 on CBS and 2001-02 on Lifetime. A new version fronted by Dennis Farina aired on the Paramount Network antecedent Spike from 2008-10. The rebooted series only proves how popular the brand continues to be and I for one can't wait to watch more because I binged the first six episodes by lunch when I decided to watch it.

Will YOU be watching more Unsolved Mysteries?

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