Movie Jail: This week’s defendant is…Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey!

Movie Jail

This is Movie Jail, a unique maximum security prison that houses some of the worst writers, directors, actors and producers from Hollywood and beyond. Their crimes? The offenses vary from convict to convict but most of these inmates have contributed negatively to the film world to some capacity and his or her misdeeds have covered a long enough period of time that the authorities had to intervene. In each column a defendant is put on trial, arguments are made, and then it is up to YOU, the jury, to decide if the person is guilty or not guilty of crimes against cinema. Their lives are in your hands, dude.

The Defendant

The Case

With the new season of HBO's Game of Thrones kicking off last night, we decided to have some fun with this week's edition of Movie Jail by putting King Joffrey on trial. The prosecution can't tolerate the sniveling worm any more and believes he needs to die immediately, while the defense feels the show won't be as strong without the character, even if we do hate him. Regardless of what happens to him in the novels, we want to know what your thoughts are on King Joffrey. Obviously there will be a few spoilers, so you may want to avoid this if you haven't seen the previous seasons of Game of Thrones.

The Prosecution: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, has there ever been a more hated character on television than King Joffrey? The dude is about as popular as James Franco at a PTA meeting, and the prosecution believes it's time we put the blonde bastard's head on a pike.

How much does the prosecution hate Joffrey? If I ran into actor Jack Gleeson on the streets, I'd probably curb stomp him while screaming, "This is for Ros!" We've had to deal with the little shit for three seasons now, and enough is enough. How many more times will we have to witness him doing something cruel or straight up evil? You never want too much of a good thing, and while King Joffrey has been the perfect villain for the show, the prosecution feels he can't continue to live for much longer. It's been a lot of "fun" watching him f*ck with the Starks and be a giant douche, but it's at a point where the prosecution (and I'm sure most people) just want to see him die already.

Plenty of characters have been killed off on Game of Thrones, but what fans really want to see is karma shoving a crossbow up King Joffrey's entitled ass. And oh, what a satisfying death it would be. The whole nation will probably come together for it, like we do during the Olympics, or after a terrorist attack. The prosecution isn't one to tell others how to do their job, but the Game of Thrones showrunners must know fans are very eager to see King Joffrey get his. If he survives the fourth season, there might be a riot.

The defense may think Game of Thrones is better with King Joffrey, but the prosecution feels we've had to deal with this vicious character for too long, and it's time for his reign of terror to come to an end.

The Defense: Ladies and gentlemen, don't you love a great villain? Someone so despicable and wicked, you just want to gouge their eyes out every time you see them? You don't have to like King Joffrey, but you should appreciate what he's done for the show, and killing him off would be a huge mistake.

King Joffrey is an immoral and fiendish prick, and because of that, he shouldn't die. Not just yet, anyway. The prosecution feels his time has come, however, the defense believes we still need him. Waiting for him to be killed has been part of the reason why we love watching the series, and killing him now would hurt, not help the show. Think about it: after he's killed, who are you going to root against? There are other less than nice characters on Game of Thrones, however none of them have been as heartless as our little king, and before he's killed, we need another really evil character to emerge.

Imagine how many more people he could hurt, how many more lives he could destroy…and how awesome it'll be to watch. If you think he's a monster now, don't you want to see what he'll be like after another season? The prosecution thinks most fans want to see him die now, but give him at least one more season and then you'll really be screaming for his blood. 

King Joffrey is a nasty little shit, that's a given, but should he die within the next few episodes of the new season? It's been a blast to watch Joffrey be such a horrible person, and the defense doesn't want the character's time on the show to end just yet.


Should King Joffrey continue to live, or should he be killed off ASAP? Do you think Game of Thrones won't be as good without the sadistic character, or do you think his death is something the show needs? Is King Joffrey GUILTY or NOT GUILTY?


*The cases for and against a defendant going to Movie Jail by the author are not necessarily his views and opinions but they are some of the beliefs that one would use to effectively make an argument for both sides. Not quite a devil's advocate but you get the point. Anyways, this is all in fun so don't take it too seriously. We have a separate jail for those people called "Troll Tower" and believe me you do NOT want to go there.




In last week's trial, Terrence Howard was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. Some jury members believed Mr. Howard was guilty, however most said his good work outweighs the bad, and they usually don't remember his shitty films when they think of the actor. Mr. Howard is a free man, but he should probably try to find a better agent.


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