47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter teaser prepares you for more sharks in 2019

Audiences can now flock to the theaters to go see THE MEG, the latest film about sharks going wild and eating poor beachgoers. But just when you thought we’d be done talking about sharks for a bit the very first tease for 47 METERS DOWN: THE NEXT CHAPTER surfaced online, teasing even more terror at deep depths and lots of sharp teeth for 2019.

The movie is still a year out so don’t expect any meaty pieces of footage from the sequel, but there's plenty here to inspire a lot of anxiety about going into the water ever again. But while it is bound to make you beyond nervous about the water it may also make you a bit confused – mainly because it’s odd they didn’t go for the obvious “48 Meters Down” as a title. How are they supposed to convince us this one will be even more extreme if they aren’t even going one meter deeper?!

Last year's 47 METERS DOWN was a very successful indie surprise, making $60 million worldwide off a $5 million budget. A sequel was almost immediately greenlit, and will reportedly find several women exploring the same scary waters as Claire Holt and Mandy Moore did last year. What will they find? No one knows. Well, I guess we can assume they'll find big mouths filled with rows of sharp teeth. That seems like a given. 

47 METERS DOWN: THE NEXT CHAPTER arrives in 2019.



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