A little girl stands between Fishburne and Jane in Standoff trailer

Laurence Fishburne really wants this little girl in the new trailer for Voltage Pictures' STANDOFF.

I don't know what she did, or who she pissed off, or what she's connected to... but old Morpheus here isn't going to let her walk away alive if he can help it. He's gunning down innocent bystanders. He's popping a cap in priests. There is no one off limits in Fishburne's mind as he seeks to complete his mission of putting an end to this young lady.

It's too bad for him then that she manages to get away and escape into Thomas Jane's house, a guy clearly needing redemption for past sins. This girl just might be the thing he needs to do something good with a life that seems to be wasting away.

Fishburne has guns. Jane has a gun. The girl is smack dab in the middle of it all. There's your STANDOFF.

Now let's wait and see who may come out of this unscathed. (I'm guessing the kid)

STANDOFF has no release date on record as of yet.



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