Andrew Garfield goes into detective mode in Under the Silver Lake trailer

Have ever noticed odd symbols in seemingly random areas, or listened to an old record in reverse because you read online that it contains a secret message about Jesus? Andrew Garfield’s character in the movie UNDER THE SILVER LAKE sure has, and he’s positive all these little signs and symbols will guide him to the woman he loves (Riley Keough) after she up and vanishes. The trailer for the new movie from David Robert Mitchell (IT FOLLOWS) is here and shows Garfield tracking down the “clues” in a fit of paranoia as he stumbles deeper and deeper into the shadiness of Los Angeles. See, those puzzles on cereal boxes actually do mean something.

Here is a plot synopsis via A24:

Sam (Andrew Garfield) is a disenchanted 33-year-old who discovers a mysterious woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), frolicking in his apartment’s swimming pool. When she vanishes, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal, and conspiracy in the City of Angels.

IT FOLLOWS was a wildly creative horror movie and I’m happy to see Mitchell still has that spark. SILVER LAKE looks like an energetic and fascinating modern neo-noir film, and one Garfield look insanely good in. Chalk this one up to another must-see indie flicks of the year!

UNDER THE SILVER LAKE hits theaters June 22.

Source: A24



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