Behold the first look at an '80s-inspired Pedro Pascal for Wonder Woman 1984

Patty Jenkins, the lauded director behind DC Entertainment's WONDER WOMAN 1984, has shared a photo to her personal Twitter account that reveals a first look at Pedro Pascal in the upcoming sequel. In the image, we see Pascal sporting what looks like a blue pin-striped suit complete with an obnoxious yellow tie. As he lounges in the back of a car, we can see that his character's hair has been crafted by the finest '80s stylists that cocaine, I mean money can buy. Along with the photo, Jenkins has tweeted the words "Can't…Stop… Watching…"

You can see the image and post for yourself below:

Recent rumors have suggested that Pascal will be playing a god in disguise for Diana's upcoming adventure, though nothing about this image would lend credence to that theory. In the past, some DC fans have suspected that Pascal will enter the new film as Nabu the Wise, an adviser to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and a Lord of Order in the extended DC Universe. Again, nothing has been confirmed at this time, other than that Pascal's blue and (almost) gold attire resembles aspects of the Nabu character.

WONDER WOMAN 1984 will find Gal Gadot once again reprising her role as the warrior princess, Diana of Themyscira. Joining her for the sequel, somehow, is Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, who apparently died at the end of the original film. Kristen Wiig will also appear in the follow-up to the 2017 smash-hit as Dr. Barbara Minerva, who eventually goes on to become the villain Cheetah.

In a recent statement about the upcoming film, Jenkins detailed her excitement about finally getting to explore the full extent of Diana's power by saying, "The greatest thing about making this movie was the fact that you're really building to the Wonder Woman that we all love, but not until the end of the movie," Jenkins said. "The most exciting thing about [the sequel] is literally seeing her loose in the world now, living those classic stories. Here's Wonder Woman, and what can she do?"

What do you think of Pedro Pascal's look for WONDER WOMAN 1984? Do you think he's a god in disguise or just a smarmy talking head looking to cast a negative spin on Diana's exploits?

WONDER WOMAN 1984 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 1, 2019.

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