Check out a star-studded trailer for the new holiday comedy Pottersville

Wow. That looks...like some 90s straight-to-DVD garbage. What's most interesting though is the amazing cast it's been able to recruit. You have Michael Shannon, Ron Perlman, Thomas Lennon, Ian McShane, Christina Hendricks, and Judy Greer. How did they get suckered into this? Part of the same Ponzi scheme? To be fair, I'm being a little harsh, as trailers aren't always the sign of a film's true quality. But it sure doesn't help.

Anyway, here's the official synopsis (which that trailer embedded above doesn't even really get to):

The plot centers on Maynard (Shannon), a beloved local businessman who is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot during an inebriated romp through town in a makeshift gorilla costume. The sightings set off an international Bigfoot media spectacle and a windfall of tourism dollars for a simple American town hit by hard times.

Oof, is that Photoshop ugly. I know Michael Shannon's expression is supposed to show his dismay of keeping the truth of him being the real Bigfoot a secret, but it looks like he's just embarrassed to be on this poster. I can't say that I'd blame him.

Meanwhile, POTTERSVILLE will drunkenly stumble around theaters November 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Michael Shannon should do more family films. But, like, good ones.
Source: YouTube



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