Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp join Michelle Yeoh for Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery banner

Things have gotten considerably more interesting in the realm of Star Trek: Discovery! The first casting tidbit we heard was Michelle Yeoh signing on as Starfleet Captain Georgio of the Starship Shenzhou (although not the leading role). Thanks to Deadline, we have two big names to announce today that should make Trek fans happy! First off, Guillermo del Toro alumnus Doug Jones (CRIMSON PEAK, HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY) has signed on to portray Lt. Saru, Science Officer and a new alien species in the Trek universe. Given his work in feature-film, there's no doubt that Jones will bring us a character that can stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Spock and Data. Also joining Discovery will be Anthony Rapp (RENT, A BEAUTIFUL MIND) as Lt. Stamets, an astromycologist, fungus expert, and Starfleet Science Officer aboard the Starship Discovery.

As much as I actually enjoyed STAR TREK BEYOND, I don't think Paramount has the balls to really take Trek to different places. A TV show, on the other hand, has the opportunity to do just that. TV has always brought out the best in Trek, so each of this casting announcements have me really excited to see what it's in-store for us with Discovery. I can't say I'm happy that CBS is trying to muscle this onto a streaming service that no one cares about, but I'm hoping they'll change their tune as time goes on. Here's to more exciting casting announcements to come!

Star Trek: Discovery will hit in May of 2017.

Source: Deadline



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