Enter the sex dojo in the new red band trailer for Sex Tape

Every summer, in between blockbuster popcorn event flicks there is always some counter-programming for niche audiences. Whether it be kid's movies, romantic comedies/dramas, or the occassional horror movie, summer is not solely for action movies. While there are comedies that blend genres like 22 JUMP STREET, you also need your raunch and this year's entry is SEX TAPE.

A new red band trailer has surfaced for Jake Kasdan's comedy SEX TAPE starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. Not much has changed from the first one we saw a few months back, but now we have some additional scenes featuring a double-sided dildo and some bushy pubic hair. If that is your favorite type of comedy, continue on.

SEX TAPE looks like the kind of movie where the funniest bits are in the trailer and with red band previews becoming all the more common, I think we may have seen everything this movie has to offer. Of course, the prospect of seeing a little boobage from Cameron Diaz is always worth checking out, I think we are more likely to see Jason Segel's dong this time around.

SEX TAPE goes to the cloud beginning July 18th.

"Oh my god, I kneed you in the vagina!"
Source: MTV



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