Exclusive: Check out a behind-the-scenes featurette for Don't Breathe

DON'T BREATHE remains one of 2016’s surprise hits, and rightfully so. Director Fede Alvarez has such a knack for atmospheric tension, infusing so much dread into such a small location, with performers Stephen Lang and Jane Levy knocking it out of the park. The cinematography and feel of the house was key to the movie's success, using the homestead as a being all it's own to take the horror to level 11. Hell, crank it up to 12. If you agree with me then you'll enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the movie that delves into the thought process behind the visual style of the movie, which almost makes you feel like you're gonna wet yourself all over again from fear. Wait, was that just me?

Have a gander below!

Alvarez and Pedro Luque did an amazing job bringing the house to life and making it feel like a character all it's own. The dark corners, creaky floor boards and maze-like basement were all key elements in bringing the dread, and were made all the more terrifying knowing that The Blind Man (Lang) could be quietly lurking anywhere. Truly I can't wait to relive the experience in a couple weeks when the movie is out on Blu-ray, mostly so I can travel the country and show it as a cautionary tale to children as to why you don't go wandering near run-down houses. I see you plotting back there, Randy!

DON'T BREATHE is out on Blu-ray on November 29. It hits digital tomorrow, November 8.

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