Exclusive Interview: Samuel L. Jackson and Sofia Boutella talk Kingsman!

Samuel L. Jackson has played villains before, but never quite like the one he plays in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. It's his most entertaining performance in years, hands down: a lisping, queasy, megalomaniac intent on... well, I don't want to spoil what his plans for society are in the film, but suffice to say it's far from the routine "world domination" scenario we've come to expect from most spy thrillers.

But KINGSMAN is no average spy thriller, as you'll no doubt see when it hits theaters this Friday. And just as Jackson's Valentine is an unconventional bad guy, his henchman is similarly unorthodox. Sofia Boutella plays Gazelle, whose name is fairly ironic considering the condition of her legs: she wields a pair of deadly prosthetic limbs, which enable her to leap, sprint and slice with frightening accuracy.

I spoke to both Jackson and Boutella about their experiences on KINGSMAN, which made for a very enjoyable interview indeed. Watch below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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