Exclusive Interview The Green Inferno Director Eli Roth & Star Lorenza Izzo!

If there is one filmmaker that has the ability to make you afraid to leave your home, it would be Eli Roth. From CABIN FEVER to HOSTEL, he certainly makes a case for the sanctity of a warm bed with all the doors and windows locked. Well, once again, he offers up another gruesome tale in THE GREEN INFERNO. This time he sets his sights on a cannibal tribe in the Amazon, and there is certainly a ton of meaty red stuff to go around. Although it has been quite a few years since his last directorial effort, he sure hasn't lost his touch for gory goodness.

Recently we sat down with the filmmaker to talk about THE GREEN INFERNO. During our conversation, he discussed the inspiration behind it. He also talked about the challenge of taking his crew to a very different kind of location. And while the film has a ton of the creepy, it also has his trademark humor and fun.

And for his leading lady, he features a very talented actress to take the journey. The lovely Lorenza Izzo (Roth's real life wife) is quite stunning here, and she gives a pretty damn good performance. During the junket, we had the chance to speak to Izzo. She is an incredibly warm and wonderful actress, and just a pleasure to chat with. She talked about taking on the role of Justine, and working with the tribe and the rest of the crew. If you are in need of an Eli Roth feature film, check out his latest - and possibly most gruesome yet - THE GREEN INFERNO this Friday at a theatre near you.

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