Final Star Trek Beyond trailer goes warp speed into spoiler territory

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This late in the game, studios are willing to give you everything but the kitchen sink in order to try to guarantee your ass in a seat on opening weekend contributiing to their box office receipts. The time for subtlety is over, and they want to make sure you know exactly what you're going to get if you buy a ticket to their new major motion picture. Apparently that's what people want. 

And so you shouldn't be surprised that the final trailer for STAR TREK BEYOND, which finally sees its release at the end of the week (check out JimmyO's review HERE), is going warp speed right into spoiler territory. In fact, if you have designs on actually seeing the movie yourself and want to go in fresh, you might not want to watch what Paramount is putting out there as a lure. You won't wind up staying that way. But, if you do decide to give it a look, you may find a STAR TREK film that feels like a whole lot of fun.

The choice is yours.

STAR TREK BEYOND opens in theaters on July 22.




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