First clip from Maggie shows a very different role for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and zombies likely riles up images of a very different movie than we saw in the trailer for Henry Hobson's MAGGIE. Instead, we saw more of a character film about the relationship between a father and his daughter under the most dire of circumstances. In short, it looked very different than anything Arnold Schwarzenegger had done before.

Based on a Black List screenplay by John Scott 3, MAGGIE looks like it follows with the recent trend of non-horror zombie movies and television series that use the existential quandary of being undead to examine deeper facets of the human condition. If that sentence alone sounds out of the ordinary for an Ah-nuld movie, that should tell you something.

in this first clip, we get to see Maggie and her father, Wade, discuss why he went searching for her despite the gravity of her condition and impending death. Just in this mere minute of footage, we see more out of Schwarzenegger as an actor than we have seen in years, maybe even decades. It is quite refreshing to see and proves that during this new phase in his career he can do more than blow shit up and spout one-liners. MAGGIE looks like it could be the real deal.

MAGGIE opens in theaters and on demand on May 8th.

Source: YouTube



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