Good Kids finally live it up in new red-band trailer

good kids

We all know people from various periods of our lives that we would deem the "good kids." They were always goal-driven and focused, and there was no amount of outside influence that was going to derail them from achieving what they had their sights set on. There's nothing wrong with that type of approach to life, as those people are probably in better spots than I could lay claim to right now. However, it has always struck me that those people are missing balance in their lives. It's a great deal of work with very little play, and, because of that, they wind up in the dark on a number of things that the rest of us sort of accept as being the norm. That's what happens when you don't allow yourself to cut loose from time to time. 

GOOD KIDS looks to explore the regrets of those types of people who, in looking back, feel as if they may have missed out on certain things due to always having their eye on the prize. Now they're trying to play catch up on the fun and insanity and stupidity that they were too busy being good to get involved with. 

The new trailer for the film certainly does have its moments and the film definitely has an interesting premise going for it, so perhaps this is one to check out for those who rail that there aren't enough original ideas going around Hollywood anymore.




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