I Want That: Jurassic Park T-Rex bust

Although she didn't make her big JURASSIC WORLD entrance until quite late in the film, it was still great to see JURASSIC PARK's most iconic dinosaur fill the screen once again. Hopefully she'll have more of a presence in the upcoming sequel, but in the meantime you can make this spectacular T-Rex bust your very own. Chronicle Collectibles will be releasing the female version of their T-Rex bust, but this is not simply a modified version of the male bust as they were able to procure an original casting with which to make their mold for this production. The T-Rex was painted by Steve Riojas, one of the best dinosaur painters in the industry, who attempted to match the original skin texture as closely as possible to the Stan Winston 1-1 animatronic T-Rex. This 1:5 scale bust is wall mounted and measures 16" in diameter for the base and 19" from base to nose.

This piece is available for pre-order today for $650 (yikes) and is expected to ship late 2017.



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