Indie trailer for director Matthew Lillard's Fat Kid Rules the World rocks the punk

Actor Matthew Lillard (SCREAM) has had a long career with a wide assortment of roles, but has taken a role behind the camera for an adaptation of the YA novel FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by author K.L. Going.  Lillard actually discovered the book when he was hired to read it on tape and fell in love with the material.  It took him nine years to finally get the film together and now it's screening in various cities, while using Kickstarter to fund its theatrical release. 

I'm a sucker for passion projects and Lillard seems genuinely excited for the project and getting out to the masses.  The trailer itself looks like a strong dramedy that highlights the difficulties of being an outcast, while growing up in the harsh social environment of adolescence.  I think this is a film that will resonate with a lot of the film geeks and comic nerds out there, myself included, who have always struggled to mantain a sense of identity when not conforming to the norm. 

Take a look and decide for yourself:

I honestly wish there were more films like this.  It immediately brings to mind the exceptionally underrated film ANGUS, which had a similar feel.  A film like this speaks volumes more about today's youth than something like, say, Gossip Girl or 90210 and it's great to see someone like Lillard take it by the reins and work so hard to give it an audience.

The film features an original score composed and performed by Pearl Jam's lead guitarist, Mike McCready and is currently playing in select venues, but you can request to see it by visiting this link.  Also, check out Lillards Kickstarter page, especially his video introduction where he talks about what inspired him to do the film.  Great stuff, especially for the aspiring filmmaker's who visit the site. 

Expect FAT KID RULES THE WORLD to hit VOD and/or iTunes soon, but in the meantime you can search for showings here.

Extra Tidbit: In addition to this, check out Angus if you've never seen it before. It's a solid pic.
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