James Cameron shares his thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Shortly before the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, George Lucas gave us his verdict on the sci-fi epic, and during a recent interview conducted by reporter Hannah Litchfield, Lucas' pal James Cameron shared some of his thoughts on the record-breaking blockbuster. After praising TERMINATOR: GENISYS, I'll understand if some of you are a little leery about Cameron's opinion of the movie, but it seems the filmmaker wasn't a fan of J.J. Abrams' take on the Star Wars universe.

Well… George Lucas is a friend of mine, and he and I had a good conversation the other day about it. I don’t want to say too much about the film. I also have a lot of respect for J.J. Abrams, and I want to see where they’re taking it next, see what they’re doing with it. I have say that I felt George’s group of six films had more innovative visual imagination. And this film was more of a retrenchment to things you had seen before, and characters you had seen before. And it took a few baby steps forward with new characters. So for me the jury is out, I want to see where they go with it.

While I really enjoyed THE FORCE AWAKENS, I'll be the first to admit that it is essentially A NEW HOPE version 2.0, but similar to Cameron, I can't wait to see what director Rian Johnson will bring to the franchise with the next installment.

STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII opens on December 15, 2017, while Cameron's first of four planned AVATAR sequels is aiming for a Christmas 2018 release.

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