James McAvoy will be Dr. Frankenstein opposite Daniel Radcliffe as Igor

20th Century Fox have found their Doctor Frankenstein after a search that included BOARDWALK EMPIRE's Jack Huston and ROCKNROLLA's Toby Kebbell. After screen testing, director Paul McGuigan's untitled FRANKENSTEIN will star X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST star James McAvoy. McAvoy will appear alongside Daniel Radcliffe who was previously cast as Igor.

Paul McGuigan's FRANKENSTEIN project has yet to find a monster or any other cast members but is aiming for a 2014 release. This will be one of many upcoming projects inspired by Mary Shelley's novel including I, FRANKENSTEIN with Aaron Eckhart and a version from Guillermo Del Toro possibly starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

This version of the story was written by Max Landis (CHRONICLE) and is a "revisionist, sci-fi take” on the novel. What that means remains to be seen. Whatever the case it should be interesting to see these two actors share the screen. McGuigan has been directing mainly television recently including episode of SMASH, SCANDAL, and SHERLOCK. His best film remains GANGSTER NO 1 starring Paul Bettany. Say, Bettany would be a good choice for the Monster!

Can't be worse than this, though, can it?

Extra Tidbit: Go to the 46 minute mark in the video. You are welcome.
Source: Deadline



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