Jim Carrey and Eli Roth are adapting the horror comic Aleister Arcane

aleister arcane

Jim Carrey is heading into the realm of horror.

THE NUMBER 23 is about as close as he's gotten in the past (maybe ONCE BITTEN, if you really want to be generous with the genre labels), but that's about to change. Carrey is teaming up with Eli Roth to adapt Steve Niles' IDW comic ALEISTER ARCANE for DreamWorks. 

The comic is centered around an L.A. weatherman - the aforementioned Arcane - who returns to his hometown to host an Elvira-like midnight horror show. However, some things go awry and, following his death, bad things begin happening around the town, believed to be the curse his spirit has laid against its inhabitants. It'll be up to the town's youth to defeat Arcane and restore their home to its peaceful roots. 

Hmmm... Sounds a bit Krueger-esque in spots. 

Jon Croker, who penned THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2, has been tapped to write the script, and Roth will climb into the director's chair, although when is unknown, given his recent deal to do DEATH WISH. 

ALEISTER ARCANE was once set up at Paramount, but the rights lapsed... and so here we are. One studio's trash is another's upcoming film.

Extra Tidbit: Jim Carrey has another horror movie upcoming - already in the can - THE BAD BATCH, with Keanu Reeves.



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