Kevin Bacon, David Koepp team for You Should Have Left for Blumhouse

Right now Blumhouse is dominating the horror movie landscape with hit after hit, including the Oscar-winning smash, GET OUT. You would be a damn fool to not want to work with them, and actor Kevin Bacon and writer/director David Koepp are clearly not fools, as it has been announced the two will make a new movie for the successful production company.

According to THR, Bacon and Koepp will be working with Blumhouse for the movie YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT, which is based on the popular book by German author, Daniel Kehlmann. Bacon will star in and produce the movie with Koepp having written the script and directing. The two first worked together on the movie STIR OF ECHOS in 1999.

The book by Kehlmann has similarities to Stephen King’s “The Shining”, focusing on a man who goes up to the Alps with his wife and daughter to write a sequel to his hit movie, only to lose his mind in the process. The movie will apparently nix the writer element, instead focusing on the family as they experience the madness of a house that may or may not exist in this reality.

Bacon’s last starring role was the movie COP CAR from Jon Watts (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING), taking on supporting roles in movie’s like PATRIOT’S DAY, and HBO’s TOUR DE PHARMACY. As for Koepp, his last directorial effort was the critically panned MORTDECAI, with his recent screenwriting credits including THE MUMMY, INFERNO, and JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT. He is also attached to write the script for INDIANA JONES 5.

The premise of the movie sounds clever enough and could offer some genuinely creepy and trippy scares. Bacon is always reliable, and though Koepp has had a string of duds he's proven himself time and again with movies like JURASSIC PARK, SPIDER-MAN, PANIC ROOM, WAR OF THE WORLDS and GHOST TOWN. Chalk me up as being very interested in this movie, and you should too, if at least for Bacon. Everybody loves them some Bacon. 

Source: THR



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