Mark Wahlberg & Winston Duke team for Netflix's Spenser Confidential trailer

After teaming for such films as LONE SURVIVOR (2013), DEEPWATER HORIZON (2016), PATRIOT'S DAY (2016), and MILE 22 (2018), director Peter Berg and Boston-born actor Mark Wahlberg are gearing up for SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL, an upcoming crime-drama that finds an ex-felon named Spenser (Wahlberg) returning to Boston's criminal underworld to unravel a twisted murder conspiracy.

Here's the upcoming film's official plot synopsis:

In SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL - an ex-cop better known for making trouble than solving it — just got out of prison and is leaving Boston for good. But first he gets roped into helping his old boxing coach and mentor, Henry (Alan Arkin), with a promising amateur. That’s Hawk (Winston Duke), a brash, no-nonsense MMA fighter convinced he’ll be a tougher opponent than Spenser ever was. When two of Spenser’s former colleagues turn up murdered, he recruits Hawk and his foul-mouthed ex-girlfriend, Cissy (Iliza Shlesinger), to help him investigate and bring the culprits to justice.

Netflix, Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke

Based on the novel Wonderland by Ace Atkins, SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL boasts a screenplay written by Brian Helgeland and Sean O'Keefe. Leading the film are Wahlberg, Duke, Shlesinger, and Arkin, who will be joined by Colleen Camp, Marc Maron, Bokeem Woodbine, Michael Gaston, and rapper Post Malone for the action-filled feature, amongst others.

Wahlberg debuted the trailer for SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he proceeded to explain that the movie is based on one of his favorite childhood shows Spenser: For Hire. "It was actually shot in Boston, so it was really one of the few times I actually saw neighborhoods that I grew up in and that I was familiar with on television," Wahlberg said of the original series.

"It's about a police officer who just cannot stand by and see any kind of injustice," he added. "Something happens with police corruption. He decides he's gonna go after his boss — they were kind of sandbagging this homicide investigation — so he ends up going to prison."

Here's hoping that you like what you see with regard to the SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL trailer, because believe it or not, the film is based on a series of 48 books! "We're hopefully doing a couple more of them," Wahlberg told DeGeneres during his interview spot.

What say you, folks? Will you be checking out SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL when it throws a haymaker on Netflix beginning on March 6, 2020? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Netflix, Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke

Source: Netflix

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