Michael Dougherty Set to Direct Christmas Horror Comedy Krampus

Writer/director Michael Dougherty is set to tackle another holiday-themed movie as Legendary Pictures now has him writing and directing KRAMPUS. If you're getting a creeping feeling of deja vu, dont worry, you're not alone. When I first read this story I thought maybe Kevin Smith took his ball and went home, leaving behind his own KRAMPUS project. Well, it's actually just a case of the same movie being made twice with Smith's production still set to begin this fall. Is he mad bro?

Smith put it best tweeting:

KRAMPUS as we know by now follows the ancient pagan legend of a villainous demon that seeks to punish naughty children at Christmas. So you know, fun for the entire family! Dougherty, who previously worked with Legendary Pictures on TRICK ‘R’ TREAT and is currently developing TRICK ‘R’ TREAT 2, said:

"The dark ancient origins of our holidays have always fascinated me… I’ve been drawing twisted Christmas cards for well over a decade, so it only made sense to bring some of that morbid yuletide fun to the big screen, and Krampus was the perfect mythology to do that. Christmas has been invading Halloween for far too long. It’s time to return the favor."

I thought Dougherty delivered something great with the 2007 anthology flick TRICK ‘R’ TREAT, so is it premature of me to assume he will do something great with KRAMPUS? The good news for Smith is that he well ahead on his production, so will likely get to shout "first!" soon enough.

Which one of these movies do you guys think will end up being better?

Source: Deadline



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