New Future Man trailer meshes The Last Starfighter with Back to the Future

The films of the 80’s were clearly influential on many people in the movie business today, including Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who have used that passion to help create the new Hulu show – FUTURE MAN. The show stars Josh Hutcherson as a janitor who becomes the world’s best player at a video game, which turns out to be a recruitment test for a real-life group of future fighters, who then come back in time to find Josh so that he can help them go back in time and stop the apocalypse from happening. You can check out the trailer above and feel the genre thrills and see the vulgar gags oozing out.

It’s THE LAST STARFIGHTER, BACK TO THE FUTURE and THE TERMINATOR all rolled up into one and infused with modern, R-rated laughs. Anyone who is a fan of those flicks from yesteryear will surely find something to enjoy in this new show that celebrates them so much. Hopefully, it’s not nostalgia overload, though, and does enough to stand on its own two feet. I haven’t binged too many Hulu shows, aside from HANDMAID’S TALE and DIFFICULT PEOPLE, but I will for sure add this to my list when it debuts on November 14.

Source: Hulu



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