New poster round-up: Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, and Warm Bodies

What is there to be said about PACIFIC RIM that hasn't been captured already? The film is just about as close any of us will ever get to a peek inside Guillermo Del Toro's wet dreams, and looks to be a stellar marriage of monster design and action sequences besides.  These new posters show off not only the scale of the robots/situation at hand in the film, but also the very vibrant color scheme being used to bring Del Toro's creations to life.

They're a solid way to introduce the non-cinema geeks that make up much of the movie-going public to the world of PACIFIC RIM, and hopefully we'll see the theaters filled overflowing when July 12th arrives.

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Pacific Rim monsters poster

Pacific Rim wide Jaeger poster

Meanwhile THE WOLVERINE is showing off his bad self with a brand new motion poster that shows off old Japan, new Japan, and a whole lot of rain over both.  We've put up below both the motion and static versions of the poster below, in all their collective gloomy glory .  And if you're so struck, you can click on over to film's official international page and craft your very own Facebook cover image out of the poster.

All in all, I'd say that this promotional art does a sound and solid job of capturing the essence of one of the main conflicts at the heart of the movie, as well as the multiple layers therein - tradition versus the values of modernity, Logan's attempt to reconcile his past with his future, and his greater place in the midst of Japan's own struggle as it shifts its cultural gears.  All good stuff, all of which I'm plenty looking forward to come July 26th.

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The Wolverine international poster

And (dead) last, we have WARM BODIES.  This film has definitely snuck up on me, with the humor and the... peculiarity of its setup working in successful tandem to spark my interest. 

I've only ever heard rave reviews of the book on which it is based, and from all accounts the film has mostly managed to capture most of that which made the book so special.  The truest interpretation of the term "rom-zom-com" coined by Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright for SHAUN OF THE DEAD that I can imagine, you can bet I'll be there on February 1st to support a film that is, for all its charm and inventiveness, surely going to have a bit of a struggle at the box office. 

This might also just be because they make fun of the famous line "love means never having to say you're sorry."  And/or use the tagline "dead sexy" so damn perfectly.  Either way, consider me suckered in.

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Warm Bodies new poster 4A

Warm Bodies new poster 3A

Warm Bodies new poster 5A

Warm Bodies new poster 6A

Warm Bodies new poster 7A

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